GhanaVeg Awards 7 Vegetable Sector Companies

GhanaVeg Awards 7 Vegetable Sector Companies

GhanaVeg awarded 7 companies during its 3rd Fruit and Vegetable fair held at the La Palm Royal Beach hotel. The award was done by the Minister of Food and Agriculture Dr.  Afriyie Akoto and the Netherlands Ambassador to Ghana, H.E. Ron Strikker Award.

GhanaVeg Awards ( NL Ambassador, Min. MoFA, Joekopan Lft-Rt)

Joekopan Enterprise was awarded for the ‘Best New Product-Export Market’ despite the challenge of the Export Ban. Joekopan had developed new product lines like okra, long bean, tinda and others for non EU markets and has explored supply for domestic market to remain in business.

Eden Tree limited was awarded for ‘Best Business Innovation’ for the outstanding performance of processing fruits and vegetables for the domestic market and the launch of an ultra-modern facility to help in processing vegetables for its customers.

GhanaVeg Awards (NL Ambassador, AB Farms Lft-Rt)

AB Farms was awarded for ‘Most Sustainable Business’, for managing a strong cyclical production regime in two locations, building own packhouse and preparing for GlobalG.A.P. Certification as well as directly employing about 30 farm hands, with permanent farm manager and agronomist among other innovative activities.
Kukobila Nasia Farms received the award for “Most Inclusive Business” for its contribution towards the production of butternut for export within a nucleus outgrower scheme and support, providing inputs directly to outgrowers as part of a buy-back arrangement and introducing to its nucleus  outgrower farms, the use of irrigation at Kukobila in the Northern Region.

Tikola Limited was awarded for ‘Best New Product- Domestic Market’ for providing hybrid seeds to farmers that have widely been acclaimed to have high-yielding capacity with two breakthrough varieties in tomatoes and onions and backstopping sales with technical assistant to farmers.

Lubok Farms for ‘Most vibrant and Growing Business’ for constructing 7 greenhouses for protected cultivation– an innovative technology, mounted a system to generate own electricity using solar power – a good innovation in the face of increasing electricity tariffs  and currently producing good bullet peppers for sale to supermarkets in Accra

To climax the event, GhanaVeg awarded Fruit Masters for ‘Best Exhibition Booth’ during the fair. Fruit Masters got the award for neatly arranging produce, smartly attired booth managers and  locally produced fresh fruits and vegetables.