Opportunity Just  Ahead- Join The Ghana Business Star Growth Program

For all entrepreneurs and business leaders in Ghana, Ghana-Netherlands Business and Culture Council (GNBCC) and The Next Organization present the Ghana Business Star Growth Program: a springboard for entrepreneurs to accelerate their business and growth. The program gives entrepreneurs & business leaders a platform for growth with on- and offline masterclasses, coaching by local and international business leaders, and possibilities for access to finance.

The programme starts in January 2017, and is open for registration now!

We are looking for entrepreneurs of businesses that have been running for 2-10 years, or business influencers within established companies, who would like to participate in a year-long, individually tailored program. The program is not sector-specific, and aims for learning across sectors in the Ghanaian economy, such as agric, construction, health care, tourism, trade, IT, water and many more..

For more information and signing up, you can contact Afke van der Woude of GNBCC: afke@gnbcc.net or 0302767825.

The Ghana Business Star Growth Programme consists of:

             (Challenge) sessions: Participants can attend challenge sessions and master classes regarding diverse topics aimed at improving the business.

             Business coaching: Participants will also gain access to business coaching, both on- and offline. Coaching attuned to the needs of the participants and his business. Focus on developing a more profitable business.

             Knowledge and expertise: Participants also gain access to the knowledge and expertise platform with business related content. Various off- and online modules in the field of business

             Access to finance: By following several masterclasses, workshops and business coaching they qualify for possible access to investments by the connected investors.

Program overview and admission:

             Entrepreneurs from companies with 2-10 years or minimal 5 years managerial experience

             Start program with a personal intake meeting and kick off with the group

             Individually designed program based on needs

             Three full day masterclasses on: 1) Strategy and business plan; 2) Customer insights and market approach; 3) Finance management and investment

             Access to the online platform with masterclasses on various topics

             Participants pay a fee for the program, payment plan is possible

             Fee includes challenge sessions, unlimited access to platform, network, masterclasses and coaching.