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About GhanaVeg

GhanaVeg – Commercial Vegetable Sector Development in Ghana

Healthy and Quality Vegetables from Ghana through New Ways of Doing Business

About GhanaVeg

GhanaVeg is an initiative of The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in line with efforts towards prioritizing commercial agriculture in its 4-years Multi-Annual Strategic Plan (2014-2017).

Competitive vegetable sector contributes to economic growth

The Initiatives’ mission is to establish  a sustainable and internationally competitive vegetable sector that contributes to inclusive economic growth and has the capacity to continuously innovate in terms of products and services.

Healthy & quality vegetables from Ghana – new ways of doing business

GhanaVeg is driven by a strong belief in healthy and quality vegetables from Ghana through new ways of doing business. The Initiative targets  the high-end domestic and international markets (high end supermarkets, hotels, restaurants and exports).

Objectives of GhanaVeg

Our objectives include improving productivity in the vegetable sector; facilitating more efficient markets, including: linking vegetable producers and other value chain operators with the Dutch private sector; improving the business climate and further professionalizing the value chain for vegetable production and consumption in Africa.

Vegetable sector growth

We think the vegetable sector can grow through: Considerations to improve sector growth include:

  • Attracting and/or supporting front runner companies (both for domestic and export markets) in all elements of the chain: input supply, production, processing, retail and logistics;
  • Supporting (technical) innovations by the private sector through reducing cost price, improving environmental sustainability and increasing productivity;
  • Assisting the sector with evidence-based information and facilitating greater collaboration “to tackle the bigger issues”, and hence improving the business climate.
  • Improved coordination between public, private and knowledge institutes to enhance sector growth.

How do we support?

To this effect, GhanaVeg envisages to support the Ghana vegetable sector through strong business-led initiatives: a Vegetable Business Platform; a Business Opportunities Fund; a R&D Co-Innovation Fund and Consultancy Fund; and a high-level Public-Private Dialogue.